Steven Litvak, D.I. Hom.
Senior Technical Clinician

Steve is a third generation owner of an integrative business that first opened its doors in 1944. He is particularly fond of, educating individuals, medical doctors, veterinarians, and other health practitioners about the uses and benefits of integrative medicines. He also consults with clients, practitioners and manufacturers as many people in the country and around the world look to him as a great resource of information and expertise. He is also a former chef and understands that the foods and beverages we consume define how our bodies are made and have an enormous impact on our health (or lack thereof). In 1990 he entered the British Institute of Homeopathy and earned his diploma in classical homeopathy. While there, he was privately tutored by Dr. Trevor Cook, former physician to Queen Elizabeth, and by Giovanni Boni, a world-renowned homeopathic doctor. Steve gives frequent lectures on supplements and wellness topics, is often asked to participate in radio shows, and is constantly interviewed by magazines and newspapers. He also volunteers his time as an advisory board member at many research centers and non-profit organizations.