About Us

DirectWellCare's mission statement is to help as many people get to the Root Cause of their disorder with the best possible Lab Testing! Our founder has over 40 years in the healthcare industry. 
Using an holistic approach to wellness, we assist our customers by providing direct access to laboratory testing in the form of convenient at-home testing kits.
Tests are then sent to the laboratory and results can be viewed online.
In addition to this, DirectWellCare also provides access to nutraceuticals, vitamins, & essential oils to assist in creating the healthy, vibrant QUALITY OF LIFE that our customers deserve.
DWC is here to guide you and help you treat yourself with the best possible outcome. We are not taking the place of your doctor but allowing you to empower yourself. Your lab results will help you! Our consultants will guide you from their experience with Functional Medicine as the base to help Improve Your Quality of Life!